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Financial Management

Learn to Manage your Financial Commitments

We are always good in earning money. We spend more than 10 hours per day to earn leaving our family. When the money comes, it is the desire that makes the hard earned money to be spent just like that. We understand it gives us happiness and we earn only for that. But we have to realize that it is only a temporary happiness that will go away on the same day. We should learn how to manage our money for a long term happiness that remains for ever. Here are some ideas to manage your emotions to save money towards your millionaire journey.


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Start investing Today

Money is not life. But money is important to lead the life happier. We spend more than 40 years of our precious life in earning the money. But it takes only a fraction of time to spend it.  To start investing is to start realizing how hard you have earned it before you spend it. Once we start realizing the value of money then we can start a great saving ahead. Follow the rule

Expense = Income – Savings

Savings = 20% of income

Identify your Financial Goals

Most of us are not starting to save because we feel that there is no money left to save and always there is a shortage. Also we have plenty of desires in our mind but we don't have a plan to execute it. Hence always our desires become dream and it cannot be converted to reality. To make it happen first of all segregate your desires as per the time line and try to start saving for that. Even it is Rs.1 go for saving it. Small drops will make a huge flood. 

Track your Monthly Expense

Keeping track of what we do with our income will help us know where the most of money is going out. We often think we earn to spend. Why is it necessary to track it? Our life is uncertain. We are not alone. We have our loved ones around us. We need to give a happier life to them at all times. So we need a huge savings and a financial plan for executing this. The easier way to save money is to stop making unwanted expenses. Preparing monthly Budget is the most essential thing to start savings.

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