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TamilNadu Transport Development Finance Corporation - Fixed deposit details|MMM|Tamil

Dear Millionaires,

Tamilnadu Transport Development Finance Corporation Ltd. (TDFC Ltd.) was started on 25.03.1975 with the objective of moping up of funds from general public for the capital and working capital requirements of State Transport Undertakings in Tamilnadu without depending upon the budgetary support from the Government. For the normal operations, replacement of buses, capital works etc. DEPOSIT SCHEMES Period Interest Payment Scheme (PIPS) Under PIPS, Interest is paid either (a) monthly or (b) quarterly or (c) annually, and the minimum amount of deposit accepted is Rs.10000/-. Money Multiplier Scheme (MMS) Under MMS, the interest is compounded monthly at the appropriate rate of interest and paid on maturity together with the principal. The minimum amount of deposit acceptable is Rs.10000. To know more watch the video

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